This page lists publications written by ACoRNS authors and publications in which ACoRNS has been mentioned.

ACoRNS publications

The ACoRNS participatory model

Building the evidence base through school-research partnerships in autism education: The Autism Community Research Network @ Southampton [ACoRNS].

Sarah Parsons, Hanna Kovshoff and ACoRNS partners – 2019

Please contact Sarah [] for a copy of this paper.

Exploring experiences of educational transitions for pupils on the autism spectrum.

Hanna Kovshoff, Sarah Parsons, Jessica Baker, Keri Hoy, Felix Perkes, and Ellie White – 2018

Awareness within local authorities in England of autism spectrum diagnoses of looked‐after children

Sarah Parsons, Allice McCullen, Tracey Emery, and Hanna Kovshoff – 2018

ACoRNS mentions

ACoRNS research included in the AET’s Good Practice Guide

ACoRNS is mentioned in the Case Studies document and the Practitioner Guide, along with our paper in Good Autism Practice that summarises the ACoRNS collaborative model for connecting research and practice. Previous research by Sarah Parsons and colleagues is also cited in the main Good Practice Guide.

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