Gareth Shaw

Inclusion Teacher: The Aviary Nursery

Gareth Shaw

                 Name  Gareth Shaw
Job Title and Organisation Inclusion Teacher: The Aviary Nursery


Introduction/Background (experience, qualifications, current work/research, etc.)

 Gareth is from The Aviary Nursery. This is an inclusive day nursery with children attending from the local community, as well as being placed through a multidisciplinary panel. We strive to individualise play based learning for all children, including those with autism.

Gareth has always worked in early years and has assumed a variety of roles in schools, nurseries and preschools and has a MA in Early Years Education and Music. Above all else, he wishes to diminish the disadvantages that many children face and find ways to let their voices be heard.

What does the ACoRNS project mean to you? Our involvement in ACoRNS is driven by the desire to explore ideas developed through research to make a personal difference to every child.

We are interested in the project as a way to work collaboratively with others from a range of backgrounds in order to develop our practice to reflect current research as well as create innovative ways of working that will benefit children.

Areas of interest We are focussed upon finding ways to apply autism research into the early years education of children and of ways to illuminate what children are telling us.


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