Derek Headrige

Campus Principal - Totton College

Derek Headrige

Name Derek Headrige
Job Title and Organisation Campus Principal
Introduction/Background (experience, qualifications, current work/research, etc.) Derek Headrige is campus principal at Totton College, part of Nacro, a Social Justice Charity.

Previously he was group academy dean at BMW where he defined a training strategy across the company, taking them to a Grade 1 Ofsted rating and making them number one automotive manufacturer for training in Europe.


Derek was also head of faculty for Automotive Engineering & Building Services at Highbury Further Education College in Portsmouth, where he led the creation and delivery of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) training programmes.

Derek hasĀ personal experience of people who are on the Autistic Spectrum.

What does the ACoRNS project mean to you? IĀ have a professional and personal interest in supporting this project to enable young people and their parents/carers have access to information, opportunities and a voice to make life easier and remove some of the barriers that currently exist in what is a very complex area.


Areas of interest Transition of students from and to different key stages and between other key milestones.



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