Autistica is a major autism research charity in the UK that funds autism research and aims to improve understanding about autism. They have recently launched the Charles Sharland Grant Scheme for Autistic Researchers to help autistic people take their first step into autism research. As Autistica say: “This will help ensure research addresses the questions which are most important to autistic people”. Autistic adults can apply for research funding of up to £12,500 through the scheme, which can cover tuition fees for a Masters degree, direct research costs, or salary costs.

ACoRNS has been selected as one of the potential host partners for this scheme and so we are really keen to welcome applications from autistic researchers who are interested in joining us. Professor Sarah Parsons says:

“This is an excellent opportunity to support and enable autistic researchers to develop their research skills and experience by developing research questions that really matter to them. Our ACoRNS partnership is rooted in the educational needs and experiences of autistic children and young people and so we warmly welcome applications that further extend our understanding and knowledge of issues that will impact positively on school practices and pupil experiences”.

An expression of interest should be submitted to the scheme by 9th July 2018 and of course Sarah Parsons and Hanna Kovshoff are very happy to discuss ideas and possibilities with any interested applicants.

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